Wind Energy

Wind turbines generate electricity without producing carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gases, the fuel is cost free, and it will never run out. Wind energy is essential if we are to maintain a secure energy supply, while at the same time cutting carbon emissions at an affordable cost to the consumer.

Northern Ireland is very well placed to maximise the potential of this natural resource and we are perfectly geographically positioned to exploit the opportunities that wind energy provides.

Simple Power supports reform of the electricity market in order to encourage the building of a balanced electricity generating mix in Northern Ireland. Wind energy development in particular is critical if the region is going to meet its ambitious renewable targets.

Simple Power is focused on delivering secure, affordable energy from wind in Northern Ireland. Our single wind turbines feed directly into the electricity grid.

Simple Power’s vision is to see renewables become a mainstream part of our energy mix with medium wind power helping to meet the electricity needs of our homes and businesses now and in the future.