Simple Power works in partnership with landowners across Northern Ireland to harvest the power of wind. Our single wind turbines enable you to contribute to renewable energy generation, while also turning your land into a sustainable and reliable source of revenue. As your professional partner, we handle the whole process from site assessment and planning through to construction and grid connection – at no cost to you.

Our single wind turbines give landowners a new option for diversification, as well as providing the potential to realise income from sites deemed unsuitable for other types of development.

Our wind turbines are highly-efficient and feed directly into the Northern Ireland electricity grid. We have an exclusive strategic partnership with Vergnet, one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers.

Simple Power finance each project from the outset and take care of the whole installation process, from site planning through to construction and ongoing maintenance.

We are financially secure, having successfully obtained significant investment. We are led by a highly-experienced management team with proven success in the key areas of planning and energy supply. Our chairman, Harry McCracken, is the former managing director of NI Electricity and has over 40 years experience in the electricity sector.

Our team has unrivalled knowledge and expertise of the local planning environment, enabling our wind turbine projects to progress efficiently and effectively. We recently secured planning approval for a wind turbine site in only four months.

Find a Simple Power wind turbine near you. The map below outlines the locations of Simple Power wind turbines throughout Northern Ireland. Click on the highlighted turbines to read a case study.